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As you will of heard by now as Tommy has proudly bellowed at every opportunity, we are opening our first Warwick-based community education centre. Over the course of a number of weeks, the building has been transformed from a dusty storage unit to an amazing workshop of wonders. Not only does the centre boast two large classrooms, but it also has a mechanics lift for servicing vehicles, and a workshop, on top of that a newly expanded kitchen, heating system and fresh toilets, wooo!!

Cups of tea and choccy biscuits are obligatory, Tommy told me to say that...

You can join our experienced, welcoming tutors, and delve into a vast array of different skills, ranging from spirituality to mechanics, to carpentry, to sports, to yoga and many many more

The centre has been newly decorated, and indoor cooking facilities make it so homely you'll never want to leave, there is a place for you, and your family at our very first Warwickshire-based Community hub.

And if that wasn't enough exciting news, we will also be offering another huge collection of courses held on an epic piece of land only 20 minutes drive from the Warwick centre. So if you prefer to be in the great big outdoors, breathing the fresh crisp air, then this rugged, wild land in Warwickshire will be the ideal setting, to learn new skills, and get back to the real nature.

So don't dilly dally, head over to the home page, where you'll find a google form, there you can choose what causes you would like to see us hold at both our Warwick centre, and on the land.

Let's all join together, as our forebears would have done, learning new skills for the betterment of our children's future.


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