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Wednesday (P.M.)

Building - Wednesday's 1pm till 3.30pm

This session in simple terms, is a staple within the goings-on of the Farm we run. Skills in building are required for the structures we use, the sessions we run, the food we grow, in fact, without these skills, we wouldn’t be able to do much here at all!


This subject is vast in size, and those attending will be encouraged to pick up and use tools across the spectrum of building disciplines as we move through the year. We will start with very basic skills such as using hammers, saws and tape measures, moving on through to specialist tools that are required for those projects you usually pay someone to do.


Within this subject we will cover the following.


  • Health and Safety on Site

  • Personal Protective Equipment

  • Basic Hand Tool Use

  • Mathematics – Area, Volume and Measurement studies

  • Planning Building Projects

  • Power Tool Use

  • Painting, Decorating and Spraying

  • Carpentry and Woodwork

  • Brickwork and Stonework

  • Basic Plumbing

  • Tiling

  • Solar Power

  • Engineering

  • Irrigation Systems


As stated above, the skills taught within are not limited to just getting hands on tools, we aim to provide and promote a pragmatical, mathematical approach to building projects throughout the projects undertaken during the year.


The projects we are running during this year are as follows.


  • How to build a lean to 

  • How to build bird boxes 

  • How to build a chicken run

  • How to build outdoor seating

  • How to build an outdoor kitchen

  • How to build cold frames for growing 

  • How to build outdoor ovens for cooking

  • How to build bee hives for harvesting Honey


The tutors running these sessions have a wealth of experience within building, some of them running award winning multi-million-pound firms - of which will also require builders on site in the future.


These sessions are an absolute winner for those that want to learn real life skills that are used daily.

What you need to know...

Our weekday sessions are drop off only, so perfect for working parents and for those who want to help your child gain some independence whilst still home educating. If this is an issue, please do get in contact as we can sometimes facilitate parents staying for the first session on a case by case basis.


This session runs from 1 pm until 3.30 pm with a short break midway through.


Please ensure that your child is dressed suitably for the session. We recommend old clothes that you don't mind getting mucky and sturdy shoes or boots. Please also bring a water bottle.


A waiver MUST be completed and signed before the child can attend their first session. This will be emailed to you shortly after booking, please contact us as soon as possible if you do not receive it.

  • Come and learn a variety of building skills with us!

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