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Farming - Friday

The majority of our subjects taught, feed into Farming, as tributaries feed into a large river.

This subject encompasses the elements of everything we do, and we’ve packaged it in such a way that we can teach those involved an absolute plethora of real-life skills.


This year we’re not only passing on our skills in Farming, but we’re also going to be running a farm shop to serve the local community. This will bring another aspect into the sessions, teaching money management, and how to run a very basic business. This is a monumental project to be involved in!


Our absolutely amazing Farming sessions will incorporate skills as follows.


  • Mycology

  • Horticulture

  • Electroculture

  • Bee Keeping

  • Chicken Keeping

  • Animal Husbandry 

  • Crop Management and Rotation

  • Harvesting and Seedbanks

  • How to Process Produce to Sell

  • Money Management

  • Stock Rotation

  • Social Skills 

  • Business Management


With seeds going in the ground Early January, we have an excellent opportunity this year to provide fresh organic produce to the local community through Roots Farm Shop. Not only will this be an amazing opportunity for those involved to learn about farming, business, and social skills, but we will also in turn be providing a well sought-after service for those who want to eat healthy food.


As follows, the type of things you should expect to see during the sessions.


  • Collecting Eggs

  • Harvesting Honey

  • Picking Mushrooms

  • Clearing out Pens and Composting

  • Growing Vegetables and Fruits

  • Harvesting Vegetables and Fruits

  • Processing Vegetables and Fruits to Market

  • Weighing and Packing up Items to Market

  • Setting out Shop for Sales

  • Talking to the Local Community

  • Using Real Money and Working out Change

  • Confidence Building Conversations

  • Business Management


There could not be a better way for those who love the outdoors to learn business!

What you need to know...

Our weekday sessions are drop off only, so perfect for working parents and for those who want to help your child gain some independence whilst still home educating. If this is an issue, please do get in contact as we can sometimes facilitate parents staying for the first session on a case by case basis.


This session runs from 9.30 am until 3.30 pm with a lunch break and short breaks throughout the day.


Please ensure that your child is dressed suitably for the session. We recommend old clothes that you don't mind getting mucky, a coat or waterproofs, and sturdy shoes or boots. Please also bring a packed lunch and water bottle.


A waiver MUST be completed and signed before the child can attend their first session. This will be emailed to you shortly after booking, please contact us as soon as possible if you do not receive it.

  • Come and immerse yourself in countryside life on a real working farm!

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