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Thursday (P.M.)

Bushcraft - Thursday's 1pm till 3.30pm

Bushcraft skills are generally overlooked by many, and with it being almost certain you’ll find yourself stranded at least once in your life, these skills are vital to learn. 

This subject encompasses all aspects of outdoor activity associated with survival and is an incredible way for groups of children to bond outside in nature as a team.


Here at Roots, we are focused on passing the skills our tutors have acquired to the next generation. We have skilled tutors not with just years’ experience in this field, but with lifetimes of survival knowledge. Our tutors within this field are regularly off-grid, if not living their lives out in the wilderness and at one with nature.


These sessions will focus on the following aspects;

  • Construction of shelter

  • Building Outdoor ovens

  • Building underground Fridges

  • Flint and Steel fire lighting

  • Mushroom Identification

  • Different types of fire

  • Outdoor Cooking

  • Whittling woods

  • Smoke signals

  • Filtering Water

  • Catapults

  • Archery

  • Foraging

  • Camping

  • Many other outdoor Skills


We aim to keep our sessions as close to nature as possible by replicating many age-old traditions from times past. With this in mind, we will also be crafting tools to use specifically for this subject.


Bushcraft is a perfect subject choice for those that enjoy being out on the land. If you are interested in exploring the skills that our ancestors would have used on a near daily basis this is without a doubt the one for you!

What you need to know...

Our weekday sessions are drop off only, so perfect for working parents and for those who want to help your child gain some independence whilst still home educating. If this is an issue, please do get in contact as we can sometimes facilitate parents staying for the first session on a case by case basis.


This session runs from 1 pm until 3.30 pm with a short break midway through.


Please ensure that your child is dressed suitably for the session and prepared whatever the weather. We recommend old clothes that you don't mind getting mucky, sturdy shoes or boots and waterproofs. Please also bring a water bottle.


A waiver MUST be completed and signed before the child can attend their first session. This will be emailed to you shortly after booking, please contact us as soon as possible if you do not receive it.

  • Join us on the land and learn forgotten skills!

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