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Thursday (A.M.)

Please ensure that you book at least 24 hours in advance!

*To ensure that we have enough materials and resources ready for each session

Mechanics - Thursday's 9.30am till 12pm

Another hugely important skillset missed by many in today’s world, is Mechanics. Nearly everyone travels around in a car, a van, or a truck to get to and from their required destinations daily, yet very few people understand the very basics of how a vehicle even moves.


This is another pertinent skillset to learn and a very valuable one too, especially when you consider the price of a trip to fix your vehicle nowadays. 


This year’s Mechanics course will start on a relatively basic level with aspects of servicing being taught and as the year progresses, we will move into a deeper understanding of how a combustion engine works, stripping vehicles down and rebuilding them. We will encompass basic engineering principles into this course where deemed necessary by the use of lathes and such machines.


Within this course we will focus on the following.


  • Car Anatomy

  • Tool Management

  • 10 Point Vehicle Check

  • How to Service a Vehicle

  • Entry level Mechanics

  • How a combustion engine works

  • Stripping down a Vehicle and Rebuilding

  • Basic Engineering Principles

  • Race Car Mechanics


Attendees will learn how to use tools properly and will be educated on the importance of a clean and tidy working area. High standards of workmanship will be implemented from the start, therefore all work from that point forwards will be of excellent quality. The Engineering aspect of this course will require a degree of perfectionism, especially when working to tolerance. This will be an area of high focus throughout the sessions also.


The Mechanical knowledge passed on within this course will be easily transferable through not only various car makes and models, but also through plant equipment and machinery. We aim to encourage a broad mechanical mindset to flourish within, rather than just teaching repetitive tasks over and over.

What you need to know...

We understand that all children have varied needs, regardless of their age or background. Some may thrive off the independence they gain from coming to Roots, however some may need a little extra reassurance and support from a familiar face. For this reason, we allow you to make the decision whether you would like to drop your children off for their session, or whether you would like to stay on site with them. As we are a working farm, there are rules of which you will need to agree and adhere to if you chose to stay on site. These can be read in full detail within our waiver, of which will you receive upon booking.


This session runs from 9.30 am until 12 pm with a short break midway through. There is also the option of staying for lunch if you would like to spend the whole day with us. Please select this option upon booking and bring a packed lunch with you.


Please ensure that your child is dressed suitably for the session. We recommend old clothes that you don't mind getting mucky and sturdy shoes or boots. Please also bring a water bottle.


A waiver MUST be completed and signed before the child can attend their first session. This will be emailed to you shortly after booking, please contact us as soon as possible if you do not receive it.

  • Get up and close with the inner workings of a motor vehicle!

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