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Renovation, Construction & Mechanics

Set at a wonderful venue in Warwick, we are so excited to be able to offer a wide range of skills to children in our weekly Renovation, Construction & Mechanics sessions. 

We believe that children retain knowledge best when able to take responsibility for their own learning, and what better way to nurture this, than to let them get up and close with the tools, and let them feel the sense of pride that comes with working on and completing their own projects.

During these weekly sessions, we will be facilitating a mix of the following skills:

  • Building benches

  • Crafting bird and owl boxes

  • Construction of a BBQ

  • Building of a fully functional outdoor kitchen

  • Bridge erection

  • Dry stone walling

  • Mechanics including changing tyres, brake pads, fan belts and more

What you need to know...


Our weekday sessions are drop off only, so perfect for working parents and for those who want to help your child gain some independence whilst still home educating. If this is an issue, please do get in contact as we can sometimes facilitate parents staying for the first session on a case by case basis.


Sessions run from 10 am until 4 pm with a lunch break midway through.


Please provide your child with a packed lunch and plenty of water as learning can be thirsty work!


We run our sessions whatever the weather, so please ensure that children dress appropriately in clothes that you don't mind getting mucky! Comfortable shoes such as wellies or boots are recommended.


A waiver MUST be completed and signed before the child can attend their first session. This will be emailed to you shortly after booking, please contact us as soon as possible if you do not receive it.

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